Case Studies

Our team leads the Information Security Team (IST) and works with the department functions and internal or external parties to implement, monitor and execute the program.

Case Study 1

Entertainment Company

The Client: A family-owned event production company with individual and commercial clients.

As the entertainment company continued to grow, the owners recognized the need to prioritize cybersecurity to protect their business and customer data. With an increasing reliance on digital systems for invoicing, scheduling, and client communications, they were concerned about the potential risks of cyber threats such as data breaches, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

The entertainment company engaged with Precise Cyber Solutions to assess their current security posture and develop a tailored cybersecurity strategy. The consulting firm conducted a comprehensive assessment of the entertainment company’s systems, processes, and vulnerabilities, and provided recommendations for improving their security posture.

Outcome: Precise Cyber Solutions implemented cybersecurity measures and for the first time, the entertainment company was able to significantly enhance its security posture and reduce the risk of cyber threats. Employees were trained to be more aware of cybersecurity risks and adopted best practices for protecting sensitive information

Case Study 2

Mechanical Transmission Manufacturer

The Client: A manufacturuer of mechanical power transmissions.

This endeavor involved aligning the existing state of cybersecurity with the optimal conditions tailored to the specific needs of their business and industry. Our deliverables empowered fellow executives within the team to gain deeper insights into any deficiencies present in organization’s current environment. This understanding was crucial in facilitating accurate planning and budgeting for essential improvements and advancements.

In the assessment, Precise Cyber Solutions thoroughly scrutinized the organization’s compliance and governance program, cybersecurity tools, technological touchpoints, and support processes. The evaluation encompassed benchmarking the company against industry standards and regulatory prerequisites. Key areas of focus included:

  • Business Mission and Strategic Plan
  • Client Expectations for Cybersecurity and Compliance
  • Regulatory Governance (if applicable)
  • Cybersecurity Architecture
  • Cybersecurity Tools
  • User-Centric Security
  • Device-Centric Security
  • Application-Centric Security
  • Vendor-Centric Security Deliverables

The initial deliverable consisted of an Executive Summary designed to strike a delicate balance between providing a comprehensive overview and pertinent details. This summary enabled executives and investors to easily grasp and articulate organization’s existing cybersecurity posture. It furnished current and relevant information essential for the bank to make well-informed decisions regarding immediate, mid-term, and long-term needs and investments.

Outcome: Precise Cyber Solutions delivered a “Roadmap to Good” document. This roadmap delineated the benchmarks of a proficient cybersecurity and governance framework and outlined the necessary steps for the company to achieve these standards. The document highlighted compliance, governance, technology management, employee education, risk assessment, remediation, security framework selection, software/application inventory, and cybersecurity budget benchmarks tailored to the industry.

Case Study 3

Managed Service Provider

The Client: A leading middle Tennessee Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides best-in-class IT services, IT consulting, IT support, and IT compliance and cybersecurity services.

Clients understand the importance of cybersecurity but struggled to develop and implement comprehensive security strategies due to limited budgets and staff. The MSP filled this gap by offering vCISO services as part of their advisory services offerings.

Outcome: The MSP decides to launch a new vCISO service offering to provide strategic cybersecurity guidance and leadership to its clients. Precise Cyber Solutions was hired by the MSP to work with clients to assess their security needs, develop tailored cybersecurity strategies, and oversee the implementation of the information security program.