Helping small business owners think ahead, in security.

The Precise Cyber Solutions team offers a simple and fun approach to provide a game plan for securely managing online information.

Need to know what Precise Cyber Solutions does?

We provide a personalized team of professionals to help small business owners think ahead about their IT needs.

Most businesses are reactive and only think about IT or cyber security AFTER they have a problem. Cyber criminals are constantly developing new ways to breach your defenses, steal your data, and hold it hostage.

As technology continues to evolve at a breakneck speed, it is imperative to stay ahead of the curve instead of falling behind and becoming vulnerable. Just as you wouldn’t leave your wallet around or tell people your bank account number, without securing your technology and digital assets - it’s an open invitation for foul play. We provide a personalized team of professionals to help small business owners think ahead about their IT needs. Including;

  1. 01
    Understanding complex encrypted servers
  2. 02
    Staying up-to-date with the latest computer systems
  3. 03
    Creating stronger passwords and securing login information
95% of all breaches could have been prevented!

The Old Way

The same problems keep repeating:
  • Training is boring, long and complicated
  • Users are not retaining training concepts
  • Limited customizable training solutions
  • incidents continue to happen and are increasing

The Precise Way

  • A fun and engaging way to under stand and navigate the cyber security playing field
  • Teaching the basics of cyber Security in an innovative way
  • Coaches run drills and teach strategies to enhance device safety and manage privacy
  • Designed for every setting, from corporate to education

Our Solutions

Whatever your needs and level of knowledge, we can create and implement a comprehensive and complete IT and security strategy that will ensure that you stay on point, are prepared for the worst, and optimized for the best. For K12 options click here

From the Fans

“Huge fan of everything they do! Hard to find quality customer service in the IT space, but I’ve found it with Myron and his team. Love everything they do for us and its the first time I’ve felt truly secure with my dental business.”


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