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An innovative app that provides everything that your team needs to make its cyber security defense the very best in the league. Precise Cyber Solution’s mission is to change the way Cyber Security training is done.

Precise App (Full Court Press)

The system will allow a continuing and ever-evolving cybersecurity compliance education solution.

Player Tryouts

  • Initial Assessments will be given to each staff
    member once they are onboarded into the system
  • A record of each test will be archived to show

Educational Videos

  • These “games” will be queued up to be available and the team may not jump ahead to play new games
  • This will consist of options such as watching a video, reviewing a PDF document, etc, which is known as “practising”
  • Once they have viewed the video or reviewed the PDF document, they are required to take a test, which is known as “playing a game"

App Gamification

Keeping the Game Fun.

  • Team record based on a 12-game session
  • Individual Game Scoring
  • Special Game Awards

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