We Provide

  • Vulnerability Management
    • Not just scanning but classify system weaknesses
  • Penetration Testing
    • A focus on acting like the bad guy
  • Managed Security Services
    • Complete solution
  • Cybersecurity Training
    • Hands-on, detailed instruction

Pain Points we solve

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Asset Management and IT Hygiene
  • Reducing False Positives and Alarms
  • Cloud Security
  • Interactive User Training that will reduce the end user threat

How PCS will fix these pain points

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • PCS provides knowledge of governance, risk, and compliance and needs is an expert communicator who can educate and translate for people at both the executive and engineer level.
  • Our mapping standard solution stays on top of policies, standards, regulations, and audits that will ultimately improve team efficiency, and also helps boost your proactive confidence when your security program is dedicated to following best practices.
  • From an approach perspective, PCS will not implement a one-size-fits-all GRC model because this often fails.
    • PCS ensure your GRC program and business objectives are aligned and not creating governance just for the sake of creating it. A proper GRC program effectively satisfies established needs and is easily consumable, supported, and understood by stakeholders as an enabler for their own jobs or functions.

Asset Management and IT Hygiene

  • PCS strives for a mutual understanding of the risk to the business if a company-wide culture of controls and processes is not properly executed.
  • We tie asset management and vulnerability management together to properly detect, mange and patch systems. Without this is a recipe for disaster.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) are business enablers—you want your security program to facilitate this technology. PCS ensures strong role and identity management, network segmentation, data segmentation, and strong authentication and access controls are in place.
  • PCS provides solutions for employees to register, authenticate, and authorize their devices safely and without putting the rest of your organization at risk.

Reducing False Positives and Alarms

  • PCS will fine-tune your detection and alerting systems to accurately detect true threats and surface those above the noise. Employing automated responses (throughout the investigative life cycle) and threat intelligence (proactively and reactively) to triage events can also help cut back on manual work and determine real threats from false positives.

Cloud Security

  • As you transition to meet the growing digital demands of consumers, there are increasingly demands for adopting cloud solutions for dynamic scalability, data storage, and computing power.
  • However, cloud adoption also comes with security risks that are different from those affecting traditional network infrastructures.
  • PCS will ensure visibility and ensure the necessary cloud security measures in place, despite limited IT personnel to make potential data breaches easier to detect.
  • Cybercriminals look to takeover cloud environments through account takeover or malware, and then sit there to detect and take sensitive data.
  • With high profile data breaches serving as looming threats, organizations still must ensure they have the necessary security controls in place.
  • PCS’s cloud vulnerability management solutions help your organization identify, patch, find malicious exploits for systems/applications and protect your data.

Interactive User Training that will reduce the end user threat

  • With PCS’s effective interactive security awareness training, you can actually DO something about the User Behavior headache (a large part caused by social engineering).